Jan 6, 2016

....looking back over 2015

2015 was a challenging but interesting year. On a personal level it was challenging as I had quite a lot of illnesses in my family, particularly with my parents. Hopefully, thats all under control and 2016 will be a happy and healthy year for them and for us all!

That said, I had an interesting year meeting and ‘making up’ beautiful brides from all across the Country. I love meeting new people, brides…their Mum’s, bridesmaids and friends. As a make up artist its always humbling to be part of the brides special day….

I’m always fascinated by all of the discussions we have from choosing the dress, the make up looks, the hair to one of the most important of all ..the Venues. Venues are always so carefully chosen, its most likely one of the most expensive decisions…. so it’s got to be perfect ! (No pressure wedding venues!)

To celebrate 2015 I’ve made a little video capturing only some of the fantastic venues for a great wedding celebration! Hope you enjoy!